Spotzer Digital Media

Creating a web building system to build premium sites.

I had the great fortune to nearly three years living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. During this time, I worked for Spotzer, a web company that pairs with telecommunications and sales partners to build websites for small and medium businesses.

I was the first hire for the WordPress team, and worked to set up the now successful design and development system that Spotzer employs to its premium products. When I first arrived at Spotzer the company was serving sites to customers in a templated build format. Many of our customers and clients needed something bespoke or out of scope, and would be referred to my team. Using WordPress, we would build customized solutions, eCommerce stores, and web apps.

Working with a fantastic customer & design team, we were able to grow the WordPress team to be one of the most profitable products in the company. My team and I built hundreds sites for clients in Canada, the US, Australia, & throughout Europe.

I had extended my role to be a ‘go-to’ for fixing issues, solving problems, setting up servers, and dealing with any customers difficult outdated, or mismanaged systems; an extensive bank of problem solving.

The Spotzer Premium team worked collaboratively, so most of our sites have multiple hands on them. Here are a few examples of the sites built by our team: